Burn Photo LLC is the capture and postproduction service of Andrea Fremiotti and crew, located in Brooklyn and Atlanta. We offer equipment, on-set comping, and creative post. We collaborate with photographers, producers, directors, and ad agencies to create compelling imagery. They have the vision, while Burn has the state-of-the-art gear, innovative thinking, and diverse experience to help realize that vision in pixels and print.

Andrea founded Burn in 2003 as a film scanning, retouching, and printing service for commercial photographers and designers. As more professionals needed access to retouching and file management, he saw a need for a digital studio that was smaller and more flexible than the typical service bureaus. He designed a business with almost immediate turnaround times from capture to proof, without sacrificing quality or economy.

What started as comping on set with Polaroids turned into tethering and real-time retouching, and the process is ever evolving. As new technologies and media appear on the horizon, Andrea is quick to learn which ones expand his creativity and allow a broader range of services for clients—remote file management, raw video capture, moving gif, and 360 VR, to name a few.

He is a photographer himself with a deep understanding of the medium’s techniques and history, which is unusual among retouchers. He is also able to work closely with lighting, styling, and props. This on-set collaboration leads to the most seamless, realistic images in post, even though they may be composed of many layers and locations.

Please email Burn for an estimate or to discuss an upcoming project.